Reduction of material usage with SIKORA measuring technology

Rising plastic prices confront the industry with enormous challenges. Manufacturers and processors for all types of plastics are equally affected. There is no end in sight to the price increases. Thus, new solutions for savings have to be found. In extrusion, costs can be specifically compensated by using sustainable measuring technology as an example calculation shows.

Measuring technologies from SIKORA are used in tube and pipe production for process control after the first cooling or at the end of the extrusion line. These measure product parameters such as wall thickness, diameter and ovality. As the measured values are available immediately after switching on the system, extrusion tools can be centered quickly and thus start-up scrap can be reduced enormously. For example, optimal centering by the CENTERWAVE 6000 measuring system leads to a material savings potential of approx. 5 %.

Real-time measurement also enables fast line control to minimum wall thickness during the running process. Safety margins in the wall thickness can thus be significantly reduced. “Depending on the tube or pipe type, this corresponds to annual cost savings in the mid 6-digit euro range,” says Christian Schalich, Head of Sales – Hose & Tube. “As plastic prices continue to rise, the savings are even higher,” adds Schalich, further explaining why the acquisition of a measuring system is particularly worthwhile in these times. “Before the price increase, buying a SIKORA measuring system had already paid for itself within 8 months. Today – with approximately 35 % higher material costs – manufacturers even achieve a return on investment of less than 6 months.”

According to Schalich, the investment pays off even further: “By using SIKORA measuring technology, highest product quality and optimal processes are ensured. Start-up scrap is reduced to a minimum and you save not only material but also valuable production time, which can be used for the processing of additional production orders. In addition, you also save energy during the production of the tubes and pipes and, at the same time, contribute to more sustainability by conserving valuable resources.”

SIKORA has developed its own tool to calculate the possible savings potential in terms of material, production time, costs and CO2 emissions. If you would like to receive further information, please contact us at: