The PURITY CONCEPT X automatically detects contamination in pellets

The plastics industry is characterized by very high quality demands and strict standards regarding the material and products. Metallic contamination inside the pellets poses a significant challenge to plastic producers and processors. Therefore, the production and use of absolutely pure raw material is of utmost priority.

For this purpose, plastic producers and processors specifically monitor and inspect single batches or complete product lines depending on the field of application of the polymers. In addition to the application of online inspection and sorting systems during the running production process, like SIKORA’s PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED, which has a throughput of up to 3 tons per hour, samples are also being inspected regularly. For this purpose, SIKORA AG has developed the PURITY CONCEPT X, an X-ray based offline inspection and analysis system that reliably detects and analyses metallic contamination down to a size of 50 µm in plastic pellets.

Metallically contaminated pellets cannot be used for many applications and would result in complaints. The X-ray unit is hermetically sealed from the environment, making it absolutely safe to handle and fulfilling the requirements of the Radiation Protection Act and the Radiation Protection Ordinance.

The PURITY CONCEPT X is characterized by its intuitive handling. The operator places the material onto a sample tray, where it is being moved through the inspection area which features an X-ray camera. The inspection and analysis are carried out within 30 seconds.

With the specially developed analyzing software, metallic contaminants are detected, highlighted in color on the monitor as well as on the sample tray and evaluated. In addition to an image gallery of detected contamination, the software provides statistics about their size, area and number. In addition to single inspections, serial tests can also be done with the PURITY CONCEPT X. Hence, samples from one batch, which were taken at different times, can be analyzed and summarized in an overall evaluation.

On the sample tray, it is also possible to inspect flakes, films/tapes, sheets and injection molded parts made from various plastics, such as XLPE, TPU or TPE, with a height of up to 50 mm (1.97”). Only flawless plastics are being distributed and machine downtimes as well as reclamation costs are being reduced. Therefore, the PURITY CONCEPT X contributes significantly to highest quality and process optimization.

The application areas for the PURITY CONCEPT X at a glance:
– Laboratory testing equipment
– Incoming goods inspection
– Quality assurance and documentation by test certificate
– Follow-up inspection in case of a complaint
– Sample testing next to the production line