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Inspection and sorting of plastics materials

The inspection and sorting systems PURITY SCANNER and PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED are specifically tailored to the requirements of the plastics industry. They ensure a constant material quality, minimize the risk of possible claims and eliminate returns due to contaminated material, resulting in a strong competitive advantage and a quick amortization.


SIKORA presents the PURITY SCANNER. An impressive system that intelligently combines the advantages of an X-ray measuring system with the advantages of an optical system and detects impurities on as well as in a pellet and sorts contaminated pellets automatically.

The application of both technologies is unique and offers outstanding new perspectives for the industry. Due to the specially developed X-ray technology, the PURITY SCANNER is the first system that inspects even colored (e.g. black) pellets for impurities and sorts them out automatically.
The PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED also combines X-ray and optical technologies and detects contamination inside and on the surface of the pellet. Interesting is the flexible adaptive camera concept. Depending on the type of the expected contamination and application, the system can be equipped with different cameras. The concept detects cross contamination by means of color cameras. The user can tailor the system to his requirements with up to five cameras.


  • 100 % inspection and automatic sorting of plastic pellets
  • Dual inspection: X-ray and optical cameras (PURITY SCANNER)
  • Inspection by X-ray, optical cameras and color cameras (PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED)
  • Detection of metallic and organic contamination as small as 50 μm on the surface and inside the pellet
  • Sealed system, optimal protection against dust
  • Professionalism for new and existing production lines


Visualization and analysis

Professional Data Analysis
The Professional Data Analysis Management (PDAM) provides a statistical evaluation of detected contamination, sorted by size and frequency, as well as an image gallery of the pellets that have been detected by the optical and color cameras as well as the X-ray camera. All data are automatically saved and available in MS Excel format as well as an image file together with information such as time and batch number. In the production line, the Professional Data Analysis Management is comfortably operated within the PURITY SCANNER processor system. An additional user interface is not required.