3 reasons why you should shake your pellets

The PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED from SIKORA transports your pellets on a 70 cm long and 21 cm wide stainless steel vibrating chute from the material infeed, past the X-ray inspection, to the optical inspection and the sorting unit. Why did the SIKORA engineers choose this transport system instead of a conveyor belt? Here are the three most important reasons:

1. Purity
The SIKORA vibratory feeder is made of high-quality polished stainless steel, which does not introduce any additional impurities into the sorting process and enables easy, fast and effective cleaning. Conventional mechanical conveying technology consists of conveyor belts made of rubber material. The continuous mechanical movement inevitably causes abrasion of this rubber material and thus contamination of the complete pellet throughput. Such a problem does not exist with the vibratory feeder.

2. Long life time
Stainless steel has a durability of up to 100 years, it hardly gets scratches – less than gold – and is very resistant. Thus, the SIKORA vibratory feeder of the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED is designed for an almost unlimited service life. Rubber material, on the other hand, develops such a strong abrasion in the course of time that the conveyor technology has to be replaced. This means not only additional, recurring costs, but also interruptions to production for the necessary maintenance work.

3. Advantages using TPU as an example
There is a wide variety of plastics on the market that can be analyzed and sorted with the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED. Each material has its own challenges. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), for example, which is also used in automotive fittings, is a very elastic plastic, which makes controlled conveying difficult. Here, the conveying trough of the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED offers an ideal approach due to the principle of minimal vibration conveying. On the vibratory feeder, the pellets settle faster than they would on a mechanical conveyor belt. Shorter conveying distances and consistently high throughputs are a clear advantage thanks to the vibration as well as the comprehensive detection range provided by the X-ray and optical cameras of the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED.