Fast analysis and reproducible evaluation in one

Offline sample inspection is currently a standard used for the quality control of plastic pellets. With the PURITY CONCEPT V, SIKORA offers an innovative, semi-automated laboratory testing device that is intuitive to operate for fast, precise analysis.

In one minute, less time than it takes a coffee machine to conjure up a latte, the PURITY CONCEPT V generates a complete plastic sample evaluation, including a test certificate. The operator places the material on the sample tray and presses the start button. It doesn’t matter whether it’s plastic pellets, flakes or test plates. Black specks, color contamination, white spots or discolorations can be examined. None of these are a problem for the PURITY CONCEPT V. The system does the rest by itself. The material is scanned, analyzed and contaminants as small as 50 µm are detected. The test certificate, generated with the click of your mouse, contains all the details about the size, number and type of contamination, as well as an image gallery of all detected contaminants. Documentation and material release have never been so easy!

All detected impurities are marked on the scan image and highlighted on the sample tray. The operator can zoom in and out of the image on the monitor and click on individual contaminants. These are localized on the sample tray by crosshairs so that contamination can be separated easily for further examination. Even afterwards, the operator can re-read the data and repeat the analysis as often as he wishes with changing parameters. This ensures reliable results.

Convince yourself

Would you like to receive more information about the PURITY CONCEPT V or test the device yourself? At many trade shows you can test the device live on site. In addition, our Plastics Sales Team will be happy to provide an online demonstration. Contact us by phone at +49 421 48 900 0 or send us an email to and make an appointment right away.