At Chinaplas 2024 from April 23 to 26 in Shanghai, SIKORA, manufacturer of innovative measuring, control and sorting technologies, will be demonstrating its range of current, improved and new products for quality control and cost optimization in hose and tube extrusion and material production and processing. Visitors can look forward to a product premiere and a new booth concept.

Premiere of a new product

At Chinaplas 2024, SIKORA will unveil an innovative measuring device that redefines the segment of measuring technology for hose and tube extrusion lines. “With the new product, we bring movement to measuring technology. Our customers can look forward to a reliable, future-oriented product that continues to lead the way with its performance and make a significant contribution to increasing productivity and cost efficiency in production,” says Katja Giersch, Head of Corporate Communications at SIKORA. Visitors can familiarize themselves with the advantages of the system live at the exhibition stand.

CENTERWAVE 6000: Measurement of tubes and pipes early during extrusion

At Chinaplas customers can look forward to the CENTERWAVE 6000 that measures diameter and wall thickness of tubes and pipes during extrusion.

For measuring tubes and pipes with a diameter from 32 mm to 1,600 mm, the CENTERWAVE 6000 is the solution for maximum efficiency. Immediately after the first vacuum tank, the system provides all product dimensions. This is achieved by innovative millimeter wave technology with a continuously rotating transceiver that measures the diameter and wall thickness gapless over the entire product circumference. The extensive and precise measuring data enables fast centering of the extrusion tools respectively an automatic control to the minimum wall thickness for optimum material usage and overall sustainability as well as cost saving.

PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED: Modular system for flexible optical online inspection and sorting of plastic pellets

The PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED is used for inspection and sorting of plastic pellets.

At Chinaplas SIKORA exhibits the PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED that is used for inspection and sorting of plastic pellets. Even the smallest, critical contamination are reliably detected and sorted out by the system. Thanks to the modular concept, different camera types can be used depending on the inspected material. In addition to optical 25 µm high-resolution cameras, which detect black specks and discolorations, an X-ray camera can be installed to detect metallic contamination down to 50 µm in the pellet. Common systems on the market have a maximum of two optical cameras. However, these quickly reach their limits due to relatively low coverage as soon as the contamination are outside the cameras’ field of view. The PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED automatically sorts out detected contamination via a blow-out unit. For optimizing the by-catch, SIKORA has developed a “hybrid blow-out” feature. The customer defines in advance which contaminants in the material are uncritical and select a smaller blow-out unit for these, so that their by-catch is reduced. These include, for example, small, light-colored black specks that frequently occur in the material. On the other hand, a larger blow-out unit is specified for critical contaminants, for example metal contaminants, which can impair the functionality of the subsequent end product. Both the reliable detection and hybrid blow-out ensure the highest material quality. At the same time, production processes are optimized and the reduced by-catch contributes to cost-efficient and sustainable production.

X-RAY 6000 PRO: Fascinating in extrusion lines thanks to cost savings

The X-RAY 6000 PRO measures the wall thickness, eccentricity and inner and outer diameter of hoses and tubes in extrusion lines.

With the X-RAY 6000 PRO, SIKORA presents a system based on X-ray technology that continuously provides measuring data on wall thickness, eccentricity and inner and outer diameter of hoses and tubes in extrusion lines. These are clearly displayed on the monitor of the ECOCONTROL 6000 processor system. The X-RAY 6000 PRO can be used either after the extruder, between two vacuum tanks/cooling sections, or at the end of the line for cold measurement. From the first day of commissioning, the system enables the wall thickness to be reduced to the smallest permissible value. This results in significant material and cost savings for the user.

New booth concept underlines SIKORA’s claim to perfection

SIKORA presents itself at the Chinaplas with a new booth concept and thus underlines its claim to perfection. “We do not only want to offer our customers the best product and service solutions, we also want them to experience this attitude in a professional atmosphere. Therefore, we cordially invite our customers to see and discuss our technologies with our experts. On our booth, they should feel good all around,” says Wanbin Chen, President of SIKORA China.