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Standard display and control device

The display of the measuring values is on a five-digit 20 mm high clear LED display. It is perfectly suitable for panel mounting or for building on the gauge head.


LASER Series 2000/6000 in combination with the REMOTE 6000

The REMOTE 6000 can be combined with a diameter gauge head of the LASER Series 2000 or LASER Series 6000.

The REMOTE 6000 includes a product library for up to 50 product recipes. Nominal values and tolerances can easily be recalled. In combination with the control module SET POINT an automatic control of the line speed or extruder rpm during the production is ensured. Optionally, a length-related print out of the measuring values and statistical data as well as an interface, to support a connection to an external PC for data gathering or PLC line control operations are available.


SPARK 2000/6000 in combination with the REMOTE 6000

The REMOTE 6000 is also suitable for the combination with the SPARK 2000/6000. Parameters such as the nominal testing voltage can be entered easily. Numeric displays clearly put the current testing voltage and the number of breakdowns in the operator's focus.


LUMP 2000 in combination with the REMOTE 6000

In combination with a LUMP 2000, the REMOTE 6000 shows the number as well as the type of faults. Symbols inform the operator if the fault is a lump or neckdown. Lump or neckdown information such as the height, depth and length of the fault are stored, giving the operator the possibility to view previous faults.


CAPACITANCE 2000 in combination with the REMOTE 6000 (Wire and Cable only)

In combination with the capacitance measuring device CAPACITANCE 2000, the REMOTE 6000 clearly presents the capacitance measuring values as a decentralized display device.


Your Benefits

  • Large, clearly arranged display and keypad
  • Mounting at any distance to the measuring head
  • Automatic control module SET POINT for the LASER Series 2000/6000 (optionally)
  • Serial interface for the connection to a measuring head and a computer


Measuring Value DisplayDigital, 6-digit e.g. 000.000 ... 999.999 mm, 000.000 ... 500.000 mm
Display UpdateProgrammable, factory setting 1/sec.
Nominal Value/Tolerance SelectionVia keypad (operation guided via a 4-digid LED-Display)
Product StorageUp to 50 product types, comfortable programming via the diagnosis software
Tolerance Message/ Control Actiona) In clear text on LED display
b) 4 Potential-free contact outputs (optional)
InterfacesRS485 (gauge head), USB (for service) Optional: LAN/Ethernet-UDP
Analog Output (optionally)0 to 10 V, deviation output if not used for control
(0 to 10 V according to the deviation output +5=0)
Power Supply100 - 240 V AC ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz