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Non-contact specialist

The CENTERVIEW 8000 is a non-contact gauge head, specifically designed for production lines of all round, single conductor wires, and cables with single or multi-wire conductors and solid or foamed insulations.

The system measures online the eccentricity, wall thickness, diameter and the ovality of cables with high single value precision. The measuring values are taken from 4 axes (diameter) respectively at 8 points (eccentricity, ovality) and are visualized on the integrated display or at the processor systems of the ECOCONTROL Series. The operator receives immediately clear information about eccentricity values that can be instantly used for control or centering of the cross head. This assures maximum material savings.

Measurement of micro-coax cables

For a number of applications such as mobile phones, LED displays or medical probes micro-sized wires are required. These cables have a conductor diameter of 25 micrometers with an insulation wall thickness of 80 micrometers. For these diameter ranges, cable specifications have to be exactly realized in order to transfer high-frequent signals without loss.

A special edition of the CENTERVIEW 8010 is specifically suitable for the measurement of micro-coax cables down to a diameter of 0,05 mm (40 AWG).

Your Benefits

  • Non-contact 8-point eccentricity measurement
  • 4-axis diameter measurement
  • 8-point ovality measurement
  • Scatter plot shows distribution of short-term variations
  • Automatic centering of the gauge head
  • Free of maintenance and calibration
  • Integrated 7" TFT monitor (CENTERVIEW 8000e)
  • Measurement of micro-coax cables (CENTERVIEW 8010 MICRO)