At Cable Alliance 2022, from March 15-16, 2022, in Osaka, Japan SIKORA will present its innovative measuring, control, inspection, sorting and analysis systems. They contribute to the highest product quality, process optimization and cost saving in the wire and cable, optical fiber and plastics industries.

SIKORA’s portfolio includes amongst others the CENTERVIEW 8000. The non-contact gauge head provides continuous online 8-point eccentricity, 4-axes diameter and 8-point ovality measurement with the highest measuring accuracy. The CENTERVIEW 8000 is an all-rounder as it measures all types of round, single conductors and cables with a solid or stranded conductor, such as telephone cables, LAN cables, automotive cables or building cables.

The X-RAY 6000 PRO is another highlight. The X-ray based system is used for continuous quality control during the insulation or jacketing of conductors and cables. It precisely measures the wall thickness, eccentricity, diameter and ovality of the product. Hereby, the thickness of up to three different cable layers is measured.

The local wire and cable exhibition is a good opportunity to meet existing and potential customers in person again. I am looking forward to discussing new technological trends and developments together.”, says Yumi Ito, Office Manager of SIKORA JAPAN.

There will also be an online edition of the exhibition, including further information on the exhibitors and their products.