“Use a measuring device and automatically save material and money.” This sounds simple and it is. At least for customers of SIKORA AG. Especially against the background of the current shortage of raw materials and increased raw material prices, material saving is more important than ever. And this is how you make the most of your individual savings potential.

SIKORA measuring technologies are used for process control immediately after the extruder, after the first cooling or at the end of the line and precisely measure relevant product parameters during the running production process. The measured values, such as wall thickness, eccentricity, diameter and ovality, are available directly after starting up the system. They enable direct centering of the extrusion tools so that start-up scrap and safety margins can be significantly reduced. This saves plastic pellets and costs. For example, optimal centering by the CENTERWAVE 6000 measuring system, based on millimeter wave technology, leads to a potential material saving of about 5 %.

Furthermore, the real-time measurement with the SIKORA measuring systems allows a reliable line control during the running process. Thereby, an automatic control to the minimum wall thickness is carried out by modification of the extruder output or the line speed. Safety margins in the wall thickness can thus be significantly reduced. The measured values are permanently logged and are available for quality management in the form of trend and statistic evaluations over the entire production cycle or the individual product length.

The use of SIKORA measuring technology leads to an optimized material consumption due to the possibility of a fast centering as well as the control to minimum wall thickness. Hence, users can specifically counteract the shortage of raw materials and the increasing raw material prices and automatically save material and costs with the help of measuring technology.

SIKORA has developed its own tool with which the possible savings potential can be calculated during the customer meeting. If you would like to receive further information, please contact us at: sales@sikora.net.